Mitchell Weijerman’s Exclusive Club

When I first came across the Early Retirement Club, I sought answers to my financial problems. I was $96,000 in debt, had made some poor investments and was having a marital problem then. I was devastated and wanted answers that could solve my money problems. At the same time, I wished to increase my financial literacy and make smarter investments that would make my money work for me without the worry that I would lose everything overnight. Here’s what I learned from my investment in this program.

The Journey to Discovery: How Did You Learn About the Early Retirement Club?

I had a friend who told me about the Early Retirement Club (ERC), and he said that it had great information and tools that would help me shift my financial life to a more positive future. I didn’t take his advice right away because I wasn’t ready to make the leap into the program, but the seed was planted. A few personal problems arose later on that left me so frustrated, and I finally decided to make the leap and enroll.

It was more of a slow realization that I needed to make a change than an outright decision that sent me right out to buy the new program. I was tired of being in debt, and I was so frustrated that the investments I had made hadn’t paid off. Not only hadn’t they paid off, but I lost my money completely with some of those investments.

I didn’t even come to the ERC right away after all of that happened. Instead, I began to look around on the internet to see what was out there. What could help me improve my financial life? I looked around at several potential programs, but eventually, it hit me that my friend had previously recommended this program to me. That’s when I went back and took a look at the program.

I watched his 30-minute free training video. The video promised multiple things like:

  • How to copy the playbook of the elite 1%
  • A simple 2-step framework to make huge profits in 12 to 24 months
  • A method that isn’t as risky when investing and how to succeed
  • Powerful method to retire before the age of 30

When I got into the program, I loved the approach. You will learn how to generate income and how to grow your wealth over time. One of the things that I found especially helpful in generating thousands of dollars from this program was the R.P.I.D.T. formula crafted by the founder of the program, which is a powerful method for getting what you want.

Separating Fact from Fiction: Can Mitchell Weijerman Deliver on His Promises?

As a side note, Mitchell Weijerman is the guy who runs the ERC, and I found his guidance more than helpful. He retired at the young age of 28, but before this time, he, too, struggled with finances and even had a negative net worth at his worst point. However, he set out to learn the secrets of good investing, and in the end, he began to make a healthy profit off his investments and businesses, enough that he could retire.

He did this after he discovered a few strategies that he could use as a way to build wealth and keep it.

After doing this successfully, he sought to help others who might have the same goals. When I invested in this program, I was devastated by my divorce and crippling debt. However, I thought of it in these terms, “The smartest investment that you can make is in yourself.” In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Knowledge pays the best dividends.”

The ERC has proven one of the best investments that I have made in a while. What I found especially helpful in the program was the understanding of mindset and investing. Before you can invest successfully, you need the right mindset and Weijerman goes into incredible detail on how to create that mindset that will lead to success and an early retirement.

Weijerman gave me financial tools that I used to diversify my portfolio in a smart way. I emphasize smart diversification because you can diversify your portfolio and find that you only worsified your portfolio. The way that I set it up now helps me to generate quarterly and monthly income that will continue to increase as long as I follow the steps outlined by Weijerman.

I found that he has delivered on his promises and the value has been above and beyond what he promised.

Some of the membership benefits that I have enjoyed under this program include:

  • Bi-weekly meetings
  • Access to educational materials
  • Financial tools to grow your wealth
  • Powerful investment strategies that the 1% use
  • Opportunities to network with like-minded individuals
  • Personalized guidance about your investment goals

What are the Credentials of Mitchell Weijerman?

Especially if you plan to listen to him, it’d be helpful to know why it’d make sense. I began to research Weijerman, and here’s what I discovered about his credentials and why he was able to offer a coaching program like this:

  • Harvard educated
  • Won multiple awards (including the T500: Hottest Tech Talent of the Netherlands under 25)
  • Built one of the Netherlands’s leading education companies that generated over $10 million in revenue
  • Spoken with thousands of high-income earners over the years
  • Proven track record of success
  • Retired at the young age of 28

Hopefully, that tells you a little bit more about Mitchell Weijerman because you shouldn’t just take your advice from anyone. Weijerman has earned his right to help you with achieving early retirement. The reason that I became a member of the ERC was because I saw the success Weijerman had in previous ventures and found that he had to know something about how to achieve an early retirement because he was already doing it himself.

Making an Informed Choice: What Factors Influenced Your Decision to Join Mitchell Weijerman’s Early Retirement Club?

Multiple factors came into play when it came to influencing my decision to join ERC. First, Weijerman offers a free 30-minute training video that will help you build up your passive income stream and retire at a young age. I didn’t have anything to lose by checking out this video, and that was a big factor.

After doing my research, I had already been kind of sold on checking out the program, but it helped that I could watch the free video and see what Weijerman might include in the full coaching program. Even what he offered in the free video is worth checking out if you’d like to improve your investing. I liked what I saw and everything checked out.

Already Had a Friend in the Program

Another thing that helped me to decide was that my friend was already in the program, and he had been in it for several months. He was giving me some of the details about how it could help me. I was in a bad place financially, which made me more receptive to listening.

His advice was to just go in and follow the formulas that Weijerman outlined in his program to start seeing success for early retirement. It helped that I had someone inside who already knew the program and basically gave me a referral into it.

Great Credentials from the Head

Another thing that influenced me was Weijerman’s solid background and credentials. After researching him, I felt that this was someone who could truly help me to achieve an early retirement. Weijerman has worked as a successful entrepreneur who understands investing at the same time.

His track record revealed that he built an educational platform that became one of the biggest in the Netherlands. It would go on to generate an estimated $10 million in annual revenue. Someone like that is going to know how to help you retire early, and that was a big factor in my decision.

Bi-Weekly Conferences and Events

With the ERC, they give you the chance to attend bi-weekly educational conferences and events that will help you to become a better investor. I would highly recommend it because that’s one of the things that helped me to improve my investing success was those conferences. What I loved about the meetings was that they discussed specific investment strategies that you can adopt right away even with a small amount of capital to see success. Get the wheel turning on your passive income as early as possible.

Weijerman also offers workshops that you can attend to help you achieve your early retirement goals. He leaves nothing out in his materials and shows you all the things he did to become rich.

Networking Opportunities with ERC Members

I also decided to go into this coaching program because it allowed me to network with like-minded individuals. One of the things that I have found to be a huge asset with the ERC program has been the opportunities for networking with other people who have similar mindsets. They want to achieve an early retirement as soon as possible just like me.

Speaking and connecting with them could be just as helpful as when you received the coaching, especially with members who are further along on the path to retiring early.

Utilizing a strong and powerful network can also help you to do things that would be harder if you tried to do it on your own. For example, you could form a group of investors to choose a path for investing in a specific project. The only thing that limits how you use your network is your creativity.

Personalized Guidance Tailored to Your Retirement Goals

This was a big factor as well because I started out at $96,000 in debt, and I had to eliminate that before I could even think about retirement goals. Weijerman gives you personalized and helpful guidance because he understands how everyone’s financial circumstances will differ. I brought a lot of baggage from before that I had to get rid of in order to start moving toward my early retirement goals.

The path that he created was one from a mentor’s point of view and someone who had been there in the past. He understood how hard it can be to overcome obstacles.

I can’t stress the importance of this part of the program enough. When you compare it to other programs, sometimes all they do is give you a cookie-cutter blueprint. If it works, great, but not everyone will have the right circumstances for that to work. My circumstances were a bit more extreme than others, so it required a special plan.

What I noticed, however, was that when dealing with other ERC members, they provided me with a type of support system that I could use for encouragement on hard days to continue to work toward my goals. I found the ERC forums incredibly helpful and even insightful at times.

Insights from the Inside: Reviews and Feedback from ERC Members

Upon joining, I was surprised at the high level of activity going on inside the ERC—you have many regular and active members posting valuable insights daily. With some groups like this, you join them and hardly anyone posts anything—it’s a dead forum—that was one of my complaints from a past program that I joined.

That wasn’t a problem with the Early Retirement Club. You see plenty of ERC members willing to help others achieve early retirement, and they offer knowledge that will set you ahead in life. To give you an example, when you attend the bi-weekly events and conferences, you discuss the investments with other like-minded individuals.

The community aspect was one of the biggest highlights of being a part of the ERC. You can share information and collaborate with others. At the same time, you can network with other people and grow a powerful network that will allow you to accomplish things more easily. I also found the feedback that I would receive from other ERC members to be incredibly insightful.

For every quarter, the ERC team will share their in-depth analyses of the interesting projects that you may like to add to your portfolio. For me, I’m a long-term investor, and I found the information especially helpful to long-term investors with a mindset of making huge profits out of businesses over time.

I joined this program as a rookie investor. I made some pretty big mistakes, but I found that this program helped me to correct those mistakes.

When you join ERC, you receive access to exclusive forums where you can interact with other members of the program. I enjoyed the peer learning with the program as well. The biggest benefit I found with peer learning and this program was how it offered immediate feedback so that you can improve faster, and I could gain insight into a new perspective outside of my own.

Getting that insight helped me to become a better investor because I could see my blindspots and it balanced out my weaknesses. You can also share ideas to think of new things that you may have otherwise missed.

On the forums, whenever you have questions about investing, you can seek advice from seasoned investors. That will help you to grow as an investor, but you can also share your own experiences and bond with other members.

Is the Early Retirement Club Legit?

We live in an uncertain economy especially nowadays, and if you’d like to find a passive income investment program that works for you, the Early Retirement Club is a legitimate opportunity to grow your personal wealth and net worth. Mitchell Weijerman is someone who has walked the walk, and he practices what he preaches. You can see it in his proven track record with financial planning and early retirement.

Admittedly, I haven’t quite reached an early retirement as of yet, but I can see myself moving toward those goals, and that means a lot. I managed to pay off all my debts, and I recovered from a nasty divorce that took nearly everything from me. I haven’t quite arrived at the point where I can retire, but I’m heading in the right direction.

The other thing that has kept me going has been the accountability of this program. The other members not only hold me accountable to my financial goals, but they have encouraged me when I have suffered setbacks. As everyone should understand, this isn’t a straight path, and you may suffer the occasional setback, but what makes the difference is in how you handle it.

Do I feel like the program delivered on its promises? I feel confident in saying that everything delivered so far has left me feeling good about my progress. I’m beginning to see the profits from my investments rolling in. I’m an ERC member who’s still in the process of achieving early retirement, but I like what I’m seeing, and I think that this will pay off over the long term.